Tips On Conserving Water This Summer

As the temperature start to rise, so does our usage of water. In this day and age, it is important to conserve elements and water is one of the top ones. What are some ways you can conserve water in your household this summer? Here are a few!

Get Timers!

One of the best ways you can conserve water this summer season is considering the installation of timers on your irrigation system. This means your sprinklers will automatically turn on and off within a certain time frame, which also means you don’t have to worry about forgetting to water your lawn, and you can set a reasonable timeframe that will help with water conservation!

Water At Night!

Skip watering in the summer heat, as we all know it can get quite brutal! Instead, we recommend watering at night. During the nighttime, temperatures are considerably cooler, which means your lawn soaks in water more efficiently and prevents excess water from being wasted.

Turn Off The Shower While You Lather!

Many of us are used to leaving the shower running while we lather up and shampoo our hair, but this can actually end up using a lot of water and for no good reason! Instead, consider turning off your shower while you scrub yourself. Even just a few minutes of putting a halt to the shower can end up saving your home a lot of water.

Skip Flushing and Throw Away Instead!

Though you may be tempted to flush away tissues or toilet paper that you’ve used to blow your nose, wipe something, pick something up, etc., consider throwing these little pieces of trash into your waste basket instead. It’s no secret that one toilet flush can equal gallons of water going down the drain, so if you’re making an effort to conserve water in your home, skip the flush and go right to the trash!

Keep Your Plumbing Leak-Free and Working Efficiently!

The one of the biggest and subtle ways many homeowners don’t realize can help with water conservation is making sure their Plumbing is leak free and working as well as it should be. Any leaks or damages to your plumbing can cause water to be wasted right under your nose without even realizing it! In order to prevent this, contact your local plumber to run maintenance and repair services on your plumbing if needed, so you can be confident you are preserving water this summer!

Call A Plumber!

As the temperatures start to rise with the arrival of summer, you may be inclined to use up a lot of water. If your home is going green and trying to be more eco-conscious, the above steps should help with water conservation. Any small change helps! To keep your plumbing up to speed and prevent water-wasting leaks from developing, call a plumber! John’s Plumbing & Rooter Service is the trusted plumbing business for Apple Valley and surrounding areas. Learn more about John’s plumbing & Rooter Service here.

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