Things On Your Plumbing To-Do List For Summer

As the temperatures rise, and the summer season falls upon your home, there may be a seasonal checklist you are looking to complete. What does your plumbing to-do list for summer look like? Many people don’t realize there are some steps you can take to prepare your plumbing system for summer, whether that means the rising temperatures, going away for vacation, or having a few extra guests in the house! Not sure where to begin with your plumbing to-do list? Here are some objectives you can add to make sure your plumbing is ready to go for the new season!


Did you know that toilets are more prone to clogs in the summer season? It may have something to do with having more guests in the house, but whatever the reason may be oh, make it a priority on your summer Plumbing to do list to keep toilets maintained and clog-free! Have a garbage can near the toilet so anyone can throw away their trash instead of being tempted to flush it down!


Are you going out of town for a while? If you are going on vacation and are depending on a family member or friend to house sit while you are away, plan to leave behind a reliable plumber’s contact info so your housesitter knows who to call in the case of a plumbing emergency! Sudden plumbing emergencies may occur while you’re away, so unwind with complete reassurance that you’ve left behind the contact information of an expert plumber who may already be familiar with your plumbing system.


It seems that summer calls for a well functioning sprinkler system. Sprinklers may spring a leak underground that can go unnoticed for a while, taking a hit to your water bill as well as your lawn! It may be a smart choice to include the objective of checking your sprinkler system and making sure everything is working as it should be!


If you are traveling or going off for a much-needed vacation, it is always advised you get a professional drain cleaning service. Grease, dirt, soap residue, and other elements can clog your drains and cause major damage to your plumbing. Turn to a professional plumber to get a drain cleaning that will leave you with peace of mind while you relax on vacation!

Get a plumber in Apple Valley, plumber in Los Angeles, Whittier plumber, Pasadena plumber, or Fontana plumber to provide you with repairs and maintenance as you prep your plumbing for the summer season ahead. Whether you’re hosting guests or taking a much-deserved vacation somewhere tropical, you can have confidence your plumbing is prepared for the season! As the temperatures rise, children get out of school, and the days get a bit longer, you can be confident there is an expert plumber who will help prepare your plumbing in no time.

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