Small Ways To Conserve Water At Home

n this day and age, water conservation can be very important, for you, your family, your household, and of course, the environment. By conserving water, you are making sure no resources are being wasted, and that your water bills are never too out of control. If you’ve been looking for more ways to conserve water at home, here are a few simple ways that can make a difference. These small habits can benefit your household with water conservation by a lot in the long-run so you don’t have to call a plumber in Los Angeles.

Turn Off the Faucet When Brushing Your Teeth

We’ve all been guilty of leaving the faucet running while brushing our teeth. This can contribute to wasting water though, because we’re often just letting the water run while we brush our teeth for a minute or two. Next time you brush your teeth, be mindful and turn off the faucet. Developing this habit will conserve a ton of water when you look at the bigger picture!

Address Leaks ASAP

It may not seem like that small leak under your kitchen sink is a big deal. It may even go away at some point, right? This is not the case. All types of leaks should be addressed as soon as possible. Leaks can end up costing households thousands of gallons a year! If you notice a leak occurring in your home, call a trusted local plumber to get the issue resolved quickly.

Don’t Go For Small Loads of Laundry

While doing laundry, it’s best to go for a medium sized load. You don’t want to have too big of a load, as this can damage your washing machine. However, many of us are guilty of throwing in small loads of laundry that use up a lot of water. If you have a habit of tossing in 3 or 4 items per load in your washing machine, consider merging loads to conserve more water.

Don’t Toss Everything into the Toilet

Many households toss a variety of items down their toilet, but this can not only be a waste of many gallons of water, but it can also cause a clog in your toilet! Be mindful of what you flush down the toilet (which should really only be toilet paper). Tissues, napkins, floss, and other trash is best meant to be tossed into your trash can.

Plumbing Maintenance by an Eagle Rock Plumber

Keeping your plumbing regularly maintained by a trustworthy Eagle Rock plumber can ensure there’s no water being wasted. If you are looking for a local San Marino Plumber who can provide the most skilled and efficient plumbing services, contact Performance Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning! With regular maintenance, plumbers can ensure there are no leaks, damages, misaligned pipes, or other troubles that could cause water to be wasted!


Small ways to conserve water can help your household be more eco-conscious and keep your water bills from rising. Habits such as those mentioned above can help your household conserve water without trouble!